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100 Flamingo Fandango Opening July 1

The Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens & Nature Center is hosting 100 or so 'costumed' flamingos with names including - Lady Mermingo, Flamingo in Drag-on, The Flockettes, Flamingo en Plumage, Red River Rivalry, Hula Lula, Fred & Ethel, Can-Can Flamingo, ‘O Sol Amingo and Flamingo-dactyl.  The fun begins Sunday, July1 through August 15 on the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center grounds at 8545 S. Staples Street.

Midway through the exhibit run, judges will be selecting winners in 10 categories such as Wildest Theme, Tongue in Cheek, Starz & Characters and Bling & Shiny Things. Botanical Gardens summer visitors may vote by ballot for a special Visitors’ Choice Award.   The Designer Flamingos have been joined by plus-or-minus 300 “naked” birds flocking for fotos!

In April and May, individual artists of all skill levels checked out their pink plastic flamingo bodies to creatively costume, paint, or cover with amazing materials, creating their own original fancy, fuzzy, furry, feathery or fantasy flamingo persona.   Twenty-nine employees of event underwriter CITGO designed some outstanding birds, competing in an internal company contest before moving on to Botanical Gardens competition. And as they’ve done every flamingo summer, Valero employees submitted more than 20 funky fowl, creating a little ‘refinery rivalry.’ “We’re really impressed to see enthusiastic New Neighbors League members submitting absolutely gorgeous creative birds, getting involved in the community,” said Communications & Marketing Director MaryJane Crull.

Flamingos in Corpus Christi???

Cincinnati has its Big Pig Gig and Corpus has the Flamingo Fandango's Paint Summer Pink.

Flora, Fauna & Fun!

Artists—including families, middle school and high school students, companies and non-profit groups—enjoy this creative outlet, while Botanical Gardens & Nature Center visitors come to see a cool and crazy approach to nature tourism! (Of course, the event rules state birds deemed not in good taste may be banned from the flock).

“We’re always amazed at the talent and creativity of our area residents. This humorous entertainment spectacle entices local visitors to the Botanical Gardens who then experience its environmental and horticultural education opportunities, the screened Butterfly House, Bromeliad and Orchid Houses and Rose Garden, plus other garden and floral exhibits,” explained Executive Director Dr. Michael Womack. “Our Nature Center side provides flora, fauna and fun with winding trails to the Birding Tower and Palapa Grande on Gator Lake, Wetland Awareness Boardwalk, plus new Resident Reptiles exhibit and exotic parrot collection,” added Crull.


Botanical Gardens & Nature Center

Hours:  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

General admission:   Flamingo Fandango exhibit is included --$7 adults; $6 at age 60, active military, college students; $3 children 3 through 12.

Information: 361-852-2100

Contact:  MaryJane Crull, Director of Marketing      

Michael Womack, Executive Director                   

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