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Hawk Watch Celebration

Birders and raptor enthusiasts in Corpus Christi, Texas have been watching hawks migrate since the mid-70s. During the fall migration, there is more than a million hawks appearing in the skies over Corpus Christi.


Since the fall of 1997, a group of Hawk Watch International observers began its 90-day-consecutive annual hawk watch celebration at the Hazel Bazemore County Park in Corpus Christi.

It is estimated that 95 percent of the North American population of broadwinged Hawks (Buteo platypterus) will fly over Corpus Christi in the Hawk Watch Celebration 2012. Historically, the largest flights to Corpus Christi occur between September 18 to September 30. It is not uncommon for 10,000 hawks to be seen at the annual hawk watch celebration, but single flights of 100,000 hawks have been recorded. The largest flight was recorded in October 4-5, 1977 when a major cold front brought in 750,000 for an overnight roost.

Hawk Watch Celebration 2012, Corpus Christi is a free event and open to the public. Restrooms are closeby. Bring along sunscreen, water, binoculars and lawn chair. The park has picnic facilities, playground area and group shelter for parties by reservation. Call 512-387-4231. For more park details, visit Hazel-Bazemore County Park’s website .

photo credit: Putneypics via photo pin cc