Going Coastal

Gifts are all bought and given, Christmas dinner is over and leftovers are in the “frig,” Santa Claus Hustles and Jingle Bell Runs are run, Christmas Tree lightings and boat parades have come and gone. Now the focus is on what do we do now? Three fun ideas for family and friends before New Year’s Day:

  1. Fruitcake Toss
  2. White Elephant
  3. Bunco


National Fruitcake Day

If your Christmas leftovers include Fruitcake, this may be for you. A year ago, Texas Tech University had a creative way of smashing fruitcakes by way of its Debris Impact Testing Lab at the National Wind Institute. Let’s just say the results were smashing. Watch the short video.


Every year on the first Saturday of January, Manitou Springs, Colorado has a Fruitcake Toss tournament where you bring your fruitcake to dispense of this Christmas classic dessert. Competitions include:


1) Distance Competition – winner is the one who hurls a two-pound fruitcake the farthest;

2) Catch the Fruitcake – teams catching the most one-pound fruitcakes wins; and, 

3) Targets – based on accuracy and the one that lands close to target of 75, 125, and 175 feet at various angles.


Fruitcake Toss tournament has continued since 1995. This year, it is on January 7. You can participate by going to Manitou Springs or by conducting your own Fruitcake Toss.


White Elephant Party


The term “white elephant” was established in travel writings of traders who journeyed back and forth between Siam, meaning a “lavish but burdensome gift.” White elephant is an excellent ice breaker for guests are unfamiliar with others. It can be an excellent opportunity for a certain zany Christmas present to be re-gifted. Establish game rules from the beginning. A good source is: Wikihow.




Bunco or Bunko is a popular “parlor” game played with nine dice, and based mostly on luck, not strategy. Can learn the rules in about five minutes. It is a good idea to have rules at each table. For more information on How to Play, see details