The Texas Maritime Museum began as an idea at the Rockport annual Seafair Festival in the late 1970s where maritime enthusiasts would bring their outboard motors and fishing items for public view. A community-wide effort was begun to establish a maritime museum. In 1987 the Texas Legislature named the Texas Maritime Museum the official Maritime Museum of the State of Texas and the museum’s doors opened the summer of 1989.

Stroll thru Rockport

Free walking tour for history, health and fun!


First annual Stroll thru Rockport begins at the History Center for Aransas County, 801 E. Cedar at Church Street, at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, March 18. It is sponsored by Healthy South Texas, an initiative of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service which focuses on improving community health through improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and prevention of chronic and infectious disease.

Heroes Cup - Rockport-Fulton

4th Annual Heroes Cup in Rockport-Fulton

A Salute to Wounded Soldiers


Rockport-Fulton, Texas–Warrior's Weekend Heroes Cup is a fishing expedition for war-injured soldiers. The Event will be held September 9-11, 2015 in Rockport-Fulton. On September 11, Twenty-four teams will compete for a chance to win the Heroes Cup Tournament. The Tournament is organized by Veterans organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Car Clubs and interested community members coordinating a special event for the active duty soldiers.

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site

Fulton Mansion State Historic site has re-opened on October 24, 2015 after undergoing two and half years of extensive preservation work. In addition to a grand opening ceremony with a tour of the basement and first floor, there was a Halloween festival featuring Spooky Stories Contest, the Gothic Horror Spook House, the Adams Family by the Rockport Little Theatre and afterwards scary monsters were free to roam the Mansion.

Newseum of Aransas County

The 145th Anniversary of the Rockport Pilot will be commemorated on Saturday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m.  The History Center for Aransas County, 801 East Cedar, Rockport is offering the exhibit:

The Newseum of Aransas County Exhibit which includes:

Photo courtesy of Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce

1. A timeline beginning during the early days when Charles Bailey published the local newspaper, the Transcript, to the publishing era of Roy Rogero and Roy Woods, through recent years with Mike Probst serving as editor and publisher.