2017 Artists' Project Auction

Every year, artists in the Rockport-Fulton community take 60 normal objects (provided by the Art Center) with this year's being wooden boxes of various sizes.


These boxes will be transformed into works of art for the Art Auction Party in July. The proceeds from this auction go to fund the many free to low-cost programs the Rockport Center for the Arts hosts each year.


Collect your wooden box today. Deadline is Sunday, June 11.


Boxes can be:

  • jazzed up
  • embellished
  • enhanced
  • decorated
  • transformed

You are only limited by creativity in transforming your box into a work of art

Pick up boxes at the Rockport Center for the Arts at 902 Navigation Circle. Phone number is:  361-729-5519.

Website:  http://www.rockportartcenter.com/main/

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.