Sea Turtle Ensures Egg's Safety

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Sea Turtle, Inc. Ensures Egg's Safety 

Staff assist with excavation of Atlantic Green Sea Turtle Eggs 


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS –  On the evening of Wednesday, August 23rd Executive Director Jeff George and staff went to the nest corral in preparation for Hurricane Harvey. With styrofoam coolers laid on the sand and gloves in hand, the excavation process of Atlantic Green Sea Turtle eggs began. Two green sea turtles nested on the month of July which produced 133 and 108 eggs respectively that were immediately placed in the nest hatchery for protection. Incubation for Atlantic Green Sea Turtles is about 50-60 days. But due to recent weather advisories, the nest hatchery will not be able to protect these eggs from high tides. If we did not excavate these eggs they would have drowned. and not made it to full incubation. We were given permission to excavate these eggs and pack them up and take them to a warm and dark room where they will be protected from incoming tropical storms. Our top priority is the safety of all marine sea turtle species.  



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